Elevator Phone Service & Monitoring

If you are searching for “Elevator Monitoring Companies“, “Elevator Phone Line Monitoring“, “Elevator Phone Monitoring“, “Elevator Phone Service” or “Elevator Emergency Phone Service“, Colorado Elevator Solutions can help! Colorado Elevator Solutions provides free 24 hour phone monitoring as part of our regular elevator maintenance packages. We also offer 24 hour support for all makes and models of elevators we service.

24 Hour Phone Service & Monitoring

Our elevator phone service & monitoring offers a direct connect to our call center from your elevator.

If you have commercial elevators in your building, a helpful and immediate response is needed when a passenger pushes the call button or picks up the emergency phone.

If you have an elevator phone already, we can program it to call our emergency customer service line which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our representatives are here to answer your questions and(or) dispatch emergency elevator technicians.

Colorado Elevator Solutions customer service team is trained to handle even the most distressed callers and can provide solutions in a quick and professional manner.

What Happens If A Passenger Becomes Trapped In An Elevator?

  1. 2 way communication allows passengers to remain calm while knowing help is on the way
  2. An elevator technician will be dispatched immediate and passengers will be informed of when they can expect a technician to arrive
  3. One of our agents will call your emergency contact for your building to alert them of the elevator entrapment
  4. If an emergency happens while passengers are trapped, an agent will call the emergency contacts for the building to alert them that the local police or fire department should be called
  5. For continued reassurance an agent will stay on the phone with the passengers
  6. An elevator technician shows up to release passengers

Benefits Of Elevator Phone Monitoring Services With CES

  • You will have a dedicated phone that ensures emergency calls from the elevator phone will receive the highest priority
  • Consolidate your elevator services by using only one elevator provider
  • Reduce your operating experiences
  • Rids the need of a third part phone service & monitoring provider
  • Ensure passengers always have a dedicated line in case of emergencies
  • CES provides free 24 hours phone monitoring when signed up for our elevator maintenance package

Sign Up For Elevator Maintenance & Receive Free Elevator Monitoring

As mentioned above, our commercial elevator maintenance contracts include free 24 hour phone monitoring and support. Get a free elevator maintenance quote or call  for more information. Learn more about Colorado Elevator Solutions